The Dashboard is a website to monitor your performance and configure your integration. To get access to the dashboard, you must first sign up and create an app.

What you can do

  • Monitor your performance both globally and on a per-country basis.
  • Configure your message settings, such as the message suffix and the code length.
  • Find out why a specific authentication was blocked.
  • Configure your Strategic Trade-off per country.
  • Configure which and country to allow.
  • Invite team members to your account.
  • Get credentials to use the Prelude API.
  • Create Test Numbers to test your integration.
  • Allow or block specific numbers using the corresponding lists.

The Dashboard is organized by country. Each country has its own set of statistics and configuration. If you are looking for a country which is not in the sidebar, search for it using the search modal (CMD+K).

Dashboard screenshot

Dashboard screenshot


How do I get access to the dashboard?

The dashboard is hosted at Ping us on Slack or at to get access.

How do I get my API credentials?

Go to the Settings > API section and copy CUSTOMER_UUID and API_TOKEN.

How do I invite team members?

Go to the Settings > Members section and click on Invite.

How do I close a country?

Go to the Settings > Routes section, search for your country and click on the status cell.

How do I list authentications from a specific phone number?

Open the search modal by clicking on the search button in the sidebar (CMD+K) and type the phone number.